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Welcome To Cici International Beauty Supply & Cici Fashion Brush

Professional makeup brushes & the latest new makeup tools, better quality, affordable price. Wholesale price list is available for schools and distributors.

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New Arrivel:
Gel Sponge - Create flawless makeup, works all the corners. Easy to clean. $6.50

 NHY035- Concealer/contour/foundation Brush - $9.99
 NHY036 - Flat foundation/contour Brush - $8.99
 NHY037 - BB/CC Cream/Foundation/Contour Brush - $9.99
Black Series Collection (Aluminum & wood handle)

Wholesale price list is available for schools and distributors, email us for more information.



 NHY001-Jumbo Fan Brush (made of goat hair). $9.85


NHY002-Large powder brush (made of goat hair). $9.50 

NHY003-Blush brush (made of goat hair). $6.35

NHY004-Contour brush (made of goat hair). $6.35 

NHY005-Pointed blush brush (made of goat hair). $4.95 


NHY006-Large flat top buffer/kabuki (made of goat hair). $8.85 

NHY007-Flat top circular blending brush (mixed of goat hair&synthetic). $7.85 


NHY008-Nose contour brush (made of sable hair). $3.50 



NHY009-Jumbo eyeshadow brush (made of goat hair). $3.95 

NHY010-Eye blending brush (made of goat hair). $3.50 

NHY011-Eye blending brush (made of sable hair). $3.65 


NHY012-Eye blending brush (made of sable hair). $3.65 

NHY013-Eyelid brush (made of sable hair). $3.25 

NHY014-Classic eyeshadow brush (made of sable hair). $3.25 

NHY015-Foundation brush (made of synthetic). $5.50 

NHY017-Nylon foundation/liquid cosmetic brush, only silver handle is available. $4.15 

NHY018-Nylon eyeshadow brush. $3.25 

NHY019-Nylon camouflage brush. $2.95 

NHY020-Nylon angled camouflage brush. $2.95 

NHY021-Lip brush (made of sable hair). $2.65 

NHY022-Concealer brush (made of synthetic). $2.65 


NHY023-Lip brush (made of sable hair). $4.25 

NHY024-Lip/liner brush (made of synthetic). $2.15 

NHY025-Mini fan brush (made of synthetic). $1.65 

NHY026-Angled liner (made of synthetic). $1.65 

NHY027-Foam tip eyeshadow applicator. $1.25 

NHY028-Eye liner brush (made of sable hair). $2.50 

NHY029-Eyelash comb/eyebrow brush. $1.25 

NHY030-Eyelash brush. $1.25 

NHY031-Angled eyebrow/liner brush. $2.15 

NHY033-Nylon lip brush/liner. $2.15 

NHY032-Large powder brush (made of goat hair). $9.50 

HH020-Deluxe powder brush. (made of goat hair). $7.85

HH021-Deluxe blush brush. (made of goat hair). $6.25

HH022-Blush brush. (made of goat hair). $6.25

HH023-Flat top buffer/kabuki. (made of goat hair). $6.25


HH024-Medium fan brush. (made of synthetic). $3.05



HH009-Medium fan brush. (made of goat hair). $3.80 (sold out)

HJ01-Jumbo powder brush. (made of synthetic). $5.25 (sold out)




HJ02-Powder brush. (made of synthetic). $4.25 

HJ03-Blush brush. (made of synthetic). $3.65

HJ04-Contour brush. (made of synthetic). $3.65


D-01 - Disable mascara brush, 25 pieces per bag. $3.00

D-02 - Disable eyeliner/lip liner brush, 25 pieces per bag. $3.00


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