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Silver Series Collection (Aluminum & wood handle)

Wholesale price list is available for schools and distributors, email us for more information.



NYY001-Large fan brush. (made of goat hair). 

NYY002-Blush brush. (made of goat hair).

NYY003-Flat top buffer/kabuki. (made of goat hair). 


NYY004-Pointed blush brush. (made of goat hair). 

NYY005-Eye blending brush. (made of goat hair). 

NYY006-Medium eyeshadow brush. (made of sable hair). 

NYY007-Angled eyeshadow brush. (made of sable hair). 

NYY008-Small eyeshadow brush. (made of sable hair). 

NYY009-Synthetic eyeshadow brush.

NYY010-Large nylon foundation brush. 

NYY011-Nylon camouflage. 


NYY012- Angled eyebrow/camouflage. 

NYY013-Nylon lip brush/liner.

NYY014-Small angled eyebrow/liner.

NYY016-Nylon camouflage. 

NYY017-Eyelash brush. 

NYY018-Foam tip eyeshadow applicator.


NYY019 - Eyebrow brush/eyelash comb. 




Brush cleaning tools-click Brush Cleaning